Web Application Support & Maintenance

Managed Software Support & Development Services For Businesses

Software Support

Do you have a custom web application that your business depends on?

Is it prone to failure or not performing as well as you'd like?

Are you struggling to add new features or do existing ones not work properly?

Is the original developer no longer available or unreliable?

Our Support Packages

Developer Support

Do you have an overflow of development work from clients?

Are you struggling to implement a particularly complex solution for a client?

Do you need someone to provide out-of-hours software support?

Do you need help and advice on software development best-practices?

Get Developer Support

Software development support for your critical ASP.NET applications

Lanilogic provide technical and development support for business critical applications running on the .NET platform.

We work with clients, agencies and freelancers to keep their businesses running smoothly, providing on-tap solutions to their operational challenges. We support existing web applications, custom-built software and development teams giving peace of mind that even the most challenging issues can be taken care of reliably, efficiently and within budget.

By transferring the technical challenges to ourselves, they're free to concentrate on the day-to-day running of their businesses knowing that their digital assets are in safe hands.

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Do any of the following scenarios sound all-too-familiar?

Web Applications

Web Applications

  • You need some development work done quickly, but your current developers are too busy?
  • You need someone to take over the day-to-day running of your software so that you can get on with growing your business?
  • You operate a custom-built application but your development team has changed, or the freelancer who built it can't be contacted?
  • Your application keeps failing at a critical point and you're not sure what the problem is?
  • You're a design agency and one of your clients' applications has gone down but the person who originally built it no longer works for you?
  • You have an idea for a piece of custom software to improve your business and you need a software consultant to bring it to life?

Don't worry! We can help keep things running smoothly.

Find out more about our software support services

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