A web, mobile and offline service to help keep vulnerable people safe by providing instant access to their emergency contact details and any medical, allergy and behavioural issues they may have


  • Real-time Information Access
  • Specialist People Management
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • ClockWork SMS API Integration
  • QR-code Scanning Component
  • Responsive Web Application
  • Secured by ASP.NET Identity API
  • Bespoke Online Store
  • Dynamically Generated Products
  • Instant PayPal Ordering
  • Paypal Subscription API Integration

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Bespoke Technology, Merging Real World With Digital

AssistMe is a new in-house development which helps vulnerable people to stay safe by enabling instant access to their emergency contact details and care requirements in case they need assistance while out and about.

The project aims to help people of all ages, but specifically those who are more vulnerable or have special needs - including medical issues and behavioural concerns that may affect their well-being while under unfamiliar supervision.

People suffering from issues such as autism, dementia and alzheimers, for instance, may be unable to supply important information such as their medical requirements, while people suffering from behavioural issues in stressful circumstances may find themselves distressed or anxious resulting in them being restrained or suffering instead of their needs being correctly attended to.

I produced a unique online service which, at a high level, manages information about people and gives them unique codes for keyrings, stickers and identity cards that, when scanned, provide instant access to their data - including any medical issues and allergies they have or behavioural traits that they may exhibit while under unfamiliar supervision or distress. Emergency contact information can also be displayed so that their parent or designated carer may be notified quickly of the persons whereabouts if they are unable to supply such information themselves.

The service is fully device-agnostic and works on smartphones and tablet devices as well as more traditional ones such as laptops and desktop computers.

Online Store with Dynamically Generated Products

Once people have been added to the account, the user can order a range of products which I designed from the ground-up to incorporate a dynamically generated QR code. When scanned by a smartphone the system will display details about the person in question allowing emergency contact to be made, and/or relevant treatment or support given.

Subscription-Based Payment System

Once an account is set up, has people added to it and the scannable products have been purchased, the system requires a valid account subscription to help pay for the running an operation of the service.

I integrated PayPal Subscriptions consisting of both a monthly and yearly payment. Additionally, I set up a business subscription package tailored to organisations who may need to manage a larger number of people.

Additional Features

Onboarding Wizard

People Management Tools

Bespoke Online Shop

Responsive Device-Friendly Design


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