A web, mobile and offline service to help in the retrieval of drones and UAVs if they get lost or crash while flying due to component failure, control loss or environmental factors


  • Real-time GPS Location Access
  • Account & Privacy Management
  • Specialist Aircraft Management
  • ClockWork SMS API Integration
  • QR-code Scanning Component
  • Automatically Generated Products
  • Responsive Web Application
  • Secured by ASP.NET Identity API
  • Bespoke Online Store
  • Instant PayPal Ordering
  • Paypal Subscription API Integration

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Protection for Lost and Crashed Drone Aircraft

DroneFinder is an in-house development designed to aid in the retrieval of drone aircraft if they go missing after a crash, loss of control or component failure.

Designed and Developed from the ground up using the latest ASP.NET Core MVC, .NET Identity, Entity Framework and SQL Server technologies, it integrates with the ClockworkSMS API for text message notifications, PayPal Checkout and Subscription APIs for recurring payments as well as incorporating a completely bespoke e-commerce system selling automatically-generated products that are scannable with a smartphone to directly query the aircraft registration service.

I produced a unique online subscription service which allows drone operators to create and account, then add their aircraft to it - upon doing so, a unique code is generated for each aircraft and the operator has the choice of either printing off an automatically-generated sticker for their aircraft, or purchasing pre-printed versions from the online store.

The sticker consists of two elements - the unique code, and a QR code which, when scanned, brings the finder of the aircraft to a page that allows them to notify the aircraft owner of its location and, depending on privacy settings, contact them directly.

Notifications to the aircraft operator are made via SMS message and e-mail, and include accurate location information from either GPS coordinates or a location typed in by the finder.

At no point (unless they choose to do so) are any of the operators personal or identifiable information displayed to the finder, allowing them to maintain complete privacy should they wish to.

The service is fully device-agnostic and works on smartphones and tablet devices as well as more traditional ones such as laptops and desktop computers.

Online Store with Dynamically Generated Products

Once aircraft have been added to the operators account, they can order stickers which I designed from the ground-up to incorporate a dynamically generated QR code. When scanned by a smartphone the system will display details about the aircraft in question allowing contact to be made with the operator, as well as safety information in case the drone is still powered on.

Subscription-Based Payment System

Once an account is set up, has aircraft added to it and the scannable stickers have been purchased or generated, the system requires a valid account subscription to help pay for the running an operation of the service.

I integrated PayPal Subscriptions consisting of both a monthly and yearly payment. Additionally, I set up a business subscription package tailored to operators who may need to manage a larger number of aircraft.

Additional Features

Onboarding Wizard

Aircraft Management Tools

Bespoke Online Shop

Responsive Device-Friendly Design


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