Payment Gateway Integrations

Do you need your website to take payments for products? Monthly subscription payments for your SaaS application?

Payment Gateway Integration Support

Whichever payment gateway integration you require for your business, we can provide a solution having extensive experience working with XML and JSON-based payment gateway APIs to do just that type of thing.

  • Merchant Bank Services (HSBC, Barclays)
  • PayPal Checkout, PayPal Subscriptions
  • Stripe Payments
  • SagePay Integrations
  • Ebay Seller Tools

The Payment Integration Process

Integration Setup

The integration process usually starts with you or a representative setting up an account with the payment provider you're interested in working with - depending on who it is, this can take from an hour to a few weeks, so it's best to get this in order before we start working together - although many providers allow "sandbox" or "test" transactions can be made during development.

Once you've done that and gained access, you supply us with the relevant developer documentation so that we can start reading about the integration process.

Initial Authentication and Test Transactions

Once we've read the documentation, we'll ask you for any relevant credentials which will normally be a username, a password and a OAuth token which will grant access solely to the application we're building.

We'll set up some hard-coded test transactions to test everything is working and if it is, we'll proceed to the implementation of your payment provider API.

Implementation Phase

Once everything is set up and working, we'll begin the process of integrating your application with the payment gateway API. This will normally involve installing a nuget package to the solution so that we have direct access to the payment API from within the project, or writing code to map responses to your business objects directly so that we can do what we need to do with the API data.

Business Logic Development

When the API integration is complete, we'll begin the process of writing the processes that deal with your payments - from checking that responses match correctly (fraud prevention) to setting subscription packages on user accounts, processing different types of payments and refunds - whatever you need for your system to work.