Web Service API Integrations

Integrate third party services to bring real-time data to your web application

Do you need your web application to talk to other online services? Perhaps you want to syncronise data to reduce errors and save time?

Whatever software API integration you require, I can provide a solution having spent extensive portions of my career working with XML and JSON-based web service APIs to do just that type of thing.

API Integration Services

  • Payment APIs (PayPal, Stripe, Barclays / HSBC Merchant Services, etc)
  • Travel APIs (TrawEx, SkyScanner, TravelFusion, Traveline etc)
  • Mapping APIs (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, etc)
  • Geocoding APIs (PostcodeAnywhere, Google GEOAPI, etc)
  • Shopping APIs (Ebay Merchant, Google Shopping, etc)
  • Vehicle Lookup APIs (CAPNetwork, CAPLookup, DVLALookup, etc)

The Integration Process

Integration Setup

The integration process usually starts with your or a representative setting up an account with the API provider you're interested in working with.

Once you've done that and gained access, you supply me with the API documentation so that I can start reading about the integration process.

Initial Authentication

Once I've read the documentation, I'll ask you for developer credentials which will normally be your username, a password and an OAuth token which you will have to generate and pass across to me - don't worry, I'll help with this part of the process if required.

Implementation Phase

Once we've passed the integration tests (i.e. we've successfully managed a test request/response together from the server using our authentication credentials) I'll begin the process of integrating the API with your application - this might be installing a nuget package, or writing code to map responses to your business objects directly so that we can do what we need to do with the API data.

Business Logic Development

When the API integration is complete, I'll begin the process of mapping requests and responses to and from the API into your business logic layer so that you can get information from the web service based on user input - at this point your application will be taking shape nicely and we'll be working on meeting your requirements.

Want me to work on your web service API integration?

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